SON OF A SAILOR // Say hello to Son of a Sailor studios!

today marks the day that we have an overwhelming feeling of legitimacy as a business. we got keys to our first studio, outside of our home!


Canopy studios here in Austin is just opening up where the old (beloved) Goodwill Blue Hanger was. with studios, offices, galleries, and creative spaces, we had to snag a spot!

as we’ve begun to grow out of our home studio (220 square feet that is full to the brim with people and stuff) this clearly became our top choice for alternative spaces. it’s mere blocks from our home, and is going to house some of the best artists and makers in austin!


they’re still putting on the finishing touches, and we’re just beginning to bring our stuff over (so many desks…) we can’t wait to share more about the new home of Son of a Sailor!

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