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i love reading about people i know. then when they’re working with other people i know, that’s even better! then, when the people that the people i know know each other, it’s a flippin’ love fest up in here! that’s how i felt reading Chris Perez’ article about a Crafted Collaboration.

it all began at last year’s East Austin Studio Tour, when Chris, a contributing writer to Apartment Therapy (which I used to do, as well) was inspired by the work of Sophie Roach. he conjured up the idea to have an illustration of hers laser etched at MakeATX on to something like Natalie Davis’s Canoe Vortex Wallet. it was a brilliant idea.

i’ve loved Sophie’s work since I met her at Schatzelein’s 2nd anniversary party, and Natalie’s leather goods are beautiful. the two ladies at MakeATX and their giant laser is are insanely inspirational as well. all of these ladies are amazing makers here in Austin, and Chris came up with a fantastic idea in this wallet!


this is why I love Austin. there is no end to the creativity that you’ll find, and folks are ready to work together at the drop of a hat! or a wallet… go check out the rest of the post, and a super cool video of the process at Chris’ blog, MetropoChris!

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