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Clearly, we have a love for brass. But apparently we’re not the only ones! Caitlin has put together a gift guide full of sassy gifts in our favorite metal. Take a look at how other craftspeople are using brass in their creative endeavors with her picks!

  1. Brass is a wonderful backdrop for some lively color, and Son of a Sailor’s jewelry collection is full of just that. I’m a big fan of the Altair's shield-like shape, and will surely make any lady feel extra warrior like. It has a great shape and design, managing to keep it simple, but not boring. Plus, who doesn't love a little brass bling? $50

  2. Speaking of brass bling, let’s talk about Stone & Honey. Her new Arcos collection is full of wonderful brass shapes and contrasting linen thread. And boy, I am a sucker for contrasts. The Polis bracelet is great bling to add to a special someones collection. $117

  3. As someone who spends a lot of time measuring and cutting, reliability is a must. And brass is great at that….you know this ruler won’t bend out of shape, and those scissors will give you some serious cutting heft. Brass is also nice to look at, and most rulers and scissors are not. $36 from Best Made and $14-29 from West Elm

  4. Know someone who deserves a metal for all that they do? Then snatch up one of these vintage inspired hero medals from Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. No dinky ribbons here, just pure solid brass on some nice looking ribbon. They would make a great stocking stuffer for a hero of any age. $20

  5. Like every good hip kid, I have a soft spot for animals, especially woodland animals made out of brass. These cute little guys are not only impeccably designed with their polished accents and black patina, but they also pack a historical and collectible punch. Walter Bosse started designing these miniatures in the late 1940s and today they are reintroduced in a licensed reissue. $45

  6. There’s something about a little extra weight in your hand that makes cracking open a cold one that much more satisfying. But no need for one of those bartender bottle openers, with the rubber handle and all. Instead, spring for one of these brass lovelies, which are pretty enough to leave on the counter and not in the draw. The other upside? They’d be a great gift for any beer lover in your life, guy or gal. $46-68 from Spartan
Brass brings an heirloom appeal to any gift, and Caitlin picked some of our favorites. (I’m going to get my paws on that little fox before they’re sold out…)

This marks the end of Son of a Sailor’s Gift Guide Series for 2012! We hope you were able to find something special for your someone special. Thanks to all of our creative friends who helped us to find the best of the best in gifts! Miss one? Here’s a recap!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Son of a Sailor and friends!

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