SON OF A SAILOR // have you noticed???

we’ve been working towards launching a whole new line of items, via our new shop Son of a Sailor Supply (any day now, any day now!). we’ve been posting little sneak peeks here and there, and we’re hoping to unveil our first round of products next week! in the excitement of branding a whole new endeavor, we took the opportunity to look hard at our jewelry branding. in a thoughtful effort to really represent who we are, we’ve re-branded Son of a Sailor Jewelry, and are pleased to present it!

take a look at the new and improved Son of a Sailor! we’re sort of sad to see the ship go, but we’ll always keep it around in many ways here at SOS. we’re excited that the brand represents more of our jewelry’s aesthetic. while we’ve got a seaworthy name, our jewelry isn’t overtly nautical. there’s inspiration there, to be sure, but you won’t find an anchor anywhere on our jewelry.

thanks for letting me celebrate our new branding with a little bit of fanfare! we hope you like it. stay tuned for our whole new brand of items coming soon!

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