GIFT GUIDE // Gifts for your sister from Teresa Robinson of Stone & Honey

(a.k.a things your really want to get for yourself and plan on stealing right back from her soon enough)

This is the perfect theme for Teresa from Stone & Honey because, trust me, as soon as you meet her you want her to be your sister. You’d even be fine with her stealing all of your awesome stuff! She’s got style coming out of her ears, and I would even venture to call her a tastemaker. Check out these obsession-worthy finds from a pretty neat lady.

  1. BOET Jewelryby Emily Bixler. I am completely and totally smitten and obsessed with Emily Bixler’s beautiful sculptural pieces. there’s just something so soothing about her clean geometric shapes crocheted in cotton with vintage brass chain. I don’t know if there’s some magical mathematical formula about the proportion or something that gets me, but something is working here. I could stare at these all day. 

  2. Shibori Pillows from Folk Fibers. I was introduced to Maura Ambrose’s beautiful work via Natalie & Abby from Feliz, and have been in awe of her ever since. Every detail of Maura’s work is absolutely stunning. I got to see all of these pillows stacked up in person at Feliz last month, and it was painful not to be able to take them all home with me. It is now my sole mission in life to have about a half dozen of these stacked up on my bed. So beautiful! about $125

  3. Fragrances from OLO Fragrances can be a tricky gift, but you really can’t go wrong with anything from OLO. I’ve been wearing Dark Wave and it’s the perfect warm & woodsy scent for winter. I am not kidding when I say that strangers stop me on the street and tell me that I smell good when I wear this stuff. Her newest scent, Toji, is my new favorite. It’s meant to evoke the scent of the winter solstice yuzu baths in Japan, and it’s amazing how it does just that.  I like to put it on before bed and let the scent carry me off to sleep.  $45

  4. Golden Protective Hand Bracelet from Kaye Blegvad.I don’t know what it is about this particular piece that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but it just feels super dreamy. Like those little arms would indeed wrap right around you and keep you safe. $76

  5. Ceramic Jars by Ben Fiess at Gretel Home.
    I love the color combos and beautiful glazes on these magical jars by Ben Fiess. And how all of those pieces are held together with that contrasting rubber band? Perfection. $80-100

  6. Sculptural rope baskets and totes by Doug Johnson. I love the stitching detail and feel on these hand sewn baskets. I like knowing that they are flexible and I think they would feel great in your hands. This tote is a beautiful take on an everyday staple, but there are a wide variety of both simple and complex shapes to choose from. $48-400
Seriously. Those ceramic jars? Those pillows? Yeah. Just consider this a shopping list for me. Now, I just need a sister…

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