SON OF A SAILOR // i love my job.

alright, so it’s 11:20pm, and billy and i are sitting in the studio making jewelry. i’ve just finished my first glass of wine and he is about to pour himself one.

i just wanted to take a minute to express how grateful i am that this is my job. that billy and i get to sit side by side, making jewelry that we designed—that, apparently, people like, is pretty amazing.

billy & i when we first began son of a sailor, may 2011

in this moment, i hope that we can make this endeavor, that we began almost exactly a year and a half ago, one that can sustain us. if we’re able to achieve that, i can’t begin to say how amazing i think it would be.

i am very thankful for my husband and the job we get to do together.

(and that’s all just with one glass of wine…i will not be allowing myself to post anything else for the remainder of the weekend!)

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