GIFT GUIDE // Roughing It with ISWAS + WILLBE


Telle + Rex from Iswas + Willbe are one of the most inspirational jewelry designers we know. The photography of their jewelry alone is worthy of framing and hanging on the wall! Taking to the open road has inspired this week’s gift guide, and we’re loving their choices.


Maintaining a mobile lifestyle is all about finding the perfect accessories to ensure that your trips are enjoyable! Peruse our travel-inspired gift guide to find out what picks we never leave home without.

  1. Helen Hoover book  Helen Hoover was a celebrated chemist in Chicago before she made a drastic move with her husband to the remote woods of Northern Minnesota—in 1954. Her journey from civilized city-dweller to isolated land-owner inspired several books written in a beautifully unbiased voice. She manages an admirable coexistence with the natural world around her, even going as far as befriending the woodland animals that frequent her property. Her books present a simple, rustic life in the woods, and her stories will inspire those who long to feel a connection to the natural world around them. $16.95

  2. Wide Mouth Mason Jars  Ok, I am obsessed with mason jars; I find new uses for these things *all* the time. From salads to hot tea to homemade beauty products, these guys don’t disappoint. Sure, they’re more fragile, heavier and don’t hold temperatures like their modern counterparts, but I find their lack of modern convenience refreshing--keep it simple, stupid. Plus, they have what really counts: they don’t absorb odors or leach toxic chemicals, come in a bajillion different sizes, and are surprisingly inexpensive. $13.99 for 12

  3. Shelter Bag  Anyone who likes to wander knows how imperative it is to pack the essentials for a successful day of adventure. Storing my daily accoutrement in a beautifully handmade bag from Asheville-based Shelter adds the perfect sense of romance to the journey. Their attention to detail and their blend of dreamy and pragmatic design give these bags a keen sense of balance. Plus, the people of Shelter are seriously awesome, and who doesn’t want to buy beautiful stuff from good people? $169

  4. ENO Hammock Double Nest  Though admittedly they do make it look easier than reality to fit two adults into their double-wide hammock, we’re here to tell you that it is most definitely possible to get cozy in one of these awesome rigs. Durable, lightweight, and available with a variety of awesome accessories—like rain flys and string lights—ENO, also based in Asheville, NC, offers a practical travelling accessory to satisfy those of us who appreciate the relaxed simplicity that only a hammock can provide. $64.95

  5. Best Made Steel Knife  A well-stocked kitchen needs only two knives: a paring knife for small jobs, and a nice, big chef knife. I never really loved a knife until we bought this Japanese white steel knife from Best Made Co. It is by far the sharpest piece of metal I’ve ever used, is forged in the high-quality heritage tradition of Japanese knife-making, and slices effortlessly through thick potatoes, crusty loaves of bread, and just about anything else we can get our hands on to test its abilities. $85

  6. Pendleton Blanket  Based in Portland, OR, Pendleton Mills is well-known for quality woolen goods, dating back to its start in 1863. We love the classic Americana-style pattern of this domestically made blanket; it makes a perfect ground cover for sunny days of picnics and keeps even the coldest of toes toasty warm when the nights grow cold. This is a hardy blanket; hang on to it and pass it down to the next generation! $228
As for me, I plan on rocking some extremely amazing jewelry while I’m roughing it, like The Tumble necklace, which I own and Native Sun earrings, which I need to own!

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