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we had a cold front come through last night, and it’s a bitter cold 59 degrees here in austin! alright, it’s not that cold. but it’s definitely feeling more seasonal than the mid 80s we saw last week! so, with the turn of the weather, i instantly begin craving holiday treats! here are some recipes for my favorites…

  1. who doesn’t think of pumpkin pie when the holidays are closing in!? i love the idea of making these little pumpkin pie bites, found over at Louanne’s Kitchen. for some reason, eating a full-sized pumpkin pie before thanksgiving seems a bit illegal, but pumpkin pie bites? totally allowable. great idea for bringing to the neighbor’s, too, without having to bake 8 whole pies!

  2. caramel apple cider. just having it simmer on the stove will instantly transport your whole home into the middle of a martha stewart-esque holiday wonderland! but drinking it is even better. and maybe a splash of tito’s vodka after 5pm?!? alright…pastry affair has a pretty legit looking recipe that i’m gonna hafta try!

  3. if we’re finishing the day off with spiked cider, let’s start it off with peppermint mocha coffee. it makes for a pretty lavish day of beverages…which i’m into. shape magazine has a skinny peppermint mocha recipe that i will absolutely test out. that way i can have two!

  4. we made candied nuts for gifts last year, and they came out great! i wish i had made billy dictate the recipe to me as he did it, but this step-by-step from smitten kitchen should do the trick! not to mention they throw in a bit of hot smoked paprika, which i am definitely adding to our to-do!

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