SON OF A SAILOR // PRESS: please allow me to momentarily freak out...

on friday, our Karve necklace was included in a Luxe Pins post on SF Girl By Bay! i have been an avid reader (stalker) of Victoria’s blog for years now—-ever since I moved to the Bay Area. i’ve blogged about her site on Apartment Therapy when I wrote for them, and on our own humble little SOS blog! to see our jewelry on her site has sent me over the moon! thank you so much to aaron de simone, the guest blogger from I HEART LUXE who posted about our necklace!

i love these milestones in our business—to see our work in the company of such well curated content is truly exhilarating. thanks so much, SF Girl By Bay!

(all the above was my attempt to translate my true feelings into words. they are: “squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”)

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