SON OF A SAILOR // it's breast cancer awareness month, and that's important!

there are a lot of reasons to care about breast cancer awareness month. it matters to me because i have family that has battled with breast cancer and lost. i have friends who have suffered as they fought their way through breast cancer or watched their loved ones do the same. i have breasts. and, for Pete’s sake, my last name is Tata!

while it is hard to feel like your support matters, at times. i’ve tried to start giving bits at a time where and when i can. i’ve championed Planned Parenthood thus far, but i think it’s time to add another outlet for my meager contribution!

i would like to encourage you to give this month, whether it be to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, like I will be, or to another charity of your liking. I found Charity Navigator to be a great resource for channelling giving, as they rate different organizations according to things like accountability & transparency and financial performance.

we’ve also introduced two special edition bracelets this month, The Pink Pecos and The Pink Bexar! 25% of all sales will go directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, along with a donation from William & myself, personally.


keep in mind, if you only have $25 burning a hole in your pocket, we’d prefer you to give it all to charity. but if you are in the market for a new bracelet anyhow, and would like some of that money to also go towards a great cause, then here ya go!

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