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tomorrow is a great day for scooting around south lamar! there are two great events that we plan on heading to, and we suggest you do the same!



the grand opening of what i consider to be one of austin’s most exciting homegoods stores in a while: Mockingbird Domestics! their brick & mortar is gorgeous, and it wasn’t even finished when i got a sneak peek. we’re thrilled to be part of the guild of artists and see some of billy’s illustrations there. we’re in pretty impressive company, i might say! you can see some of their fine offerings here, but i think checking out the 3D store will be well worth your time.


we’ve been meaning to go to the Austin Flea as it stands. but now that our rock star studio assistant Caitlin will be there with Rally Made, her awesome brand of handmade upcycled purses and bags, we are most def stopping by tomorrow!

come check out all the deets and look at some more pretty pictures after the jump…

i could reiterate the details, but Mockingbird Domestics made such a pretty graphic with all of the info about their event…i’ll let it speak for itself! one note? yeah, we’ll be there when Lick is serving ice cream.

and as for the Austin Flea, you need to see one more of Catilin’s bags that you’ll probably want!


bah! i need this. anyhow, she’s great, and there are so many other great vendors that we want to see!

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