my friends have totally spoiled me when it comes to food. after working at HOPE Farmers Market for a while when i first returned to Austin, i got super used to fresh produce, homemade delicious meals and locally sourced food of all sorts. i earned a bit of an addiction to the amazing pâté from Pâté Letelier made by our friend Jackie, and recently started receiving a CSA box from Farmhouse Delivery. now, Jackie’s sister Michelle has teamed up with Elizabeth from HOPE to create Source. bringing farm fresh food and local fares to your table, Source is “catering to the community” and i’m into it!

Michelle and Elizabeth source their food from farms all over the Austin area, and create beautiful and delicious meals and bites. not only do they look delicious, but they are also artfully crafted, accentuating the beauty of the fresh foods that they’re preparing. i love that they work with what’s in season to create creative menus of tasty food.

we’re super excited to have Source cater our upcoming event, the launch party for our new collection of jewelry, Polaris. we’ve worked with the ladies to create an interesting and appetizing menu fit for the event, and are so excited to see what they bring, quite literally, to the table! they sent us a proposed menu, and i was delighted to see that they’ve embraced our aesthetic leanings (bold color and geometric shape) in their culinary offering.

we know that the menu might change a bit, according to what there is an abundance or lack of from the farms, but it’s evident that there is going to be some great stuff! they have also graciously offered to sponsor drink mixers to go along with the vodka that Deep Eddy will be providing! watermelon & mint agua fresca? uh, yeah. i will be having one or two of those. three of those. i want three of those.

these ladies are pretty amazing as it stands. we’ve been friends for a while, and i’d have them over to dinner even if they didn’t bring food. but now, they’re venturing off with this fantastic farm-to-table catering business and we couldn’t be happier for them.

come and see what they can do! i promise you won’t be disappointed, cuz these girls have skill. not to mention it’s going to be one hell of a party!

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