SON OF A SAILOR // screen printing and other creative things!

very near the to top of the list of things that i wish i knew how to do is screen print. this is why i am super excited to see Billy collaborating with his bud Clayton Armstrong on some live screen printing for the party tomorrow!

Billy and Clayton have worked together before, and are each pretty great artists, all around. we actually have this framed piece of Clayton’s up in our dining room:

to go along with his large, affable personality, Clayton has a keen eye for design and color, and makes some pretty great work. go look at some more here!

we’re lucky to have him pulling some screens of another original illustration from Billy. we’ll have posterettes and bandannas to give away, as well as totes for sale (cheap!) but we are encouraging folks to bring Tshirts and other assorted material for Clayton to jazz up with a little Polaris/SOS imagery!

want a sneak preview? mmkay…

come say hi to Clayton (he’s the tall one with ink on his hands!) and get some swag Son of a Sailor-fied!

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