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anyone who reads this blog knows that i am a huge Poppin fan… they offer office supplies of all kinds in beautiful and simple designs that are perfect for a modern workspace. well, they just launched their new website, chock full of new items & colors (and kitchenware!?! what!?!) and i’m in heaven.

yeah, i am making an order (that is much smaller than i’d like—-believe me!!!) but i had to have this neon green iPad case…duh…

and even though i already have the amazing clear lucite ruler that makes me happy every time i have to measure something (which is often!) i think i have to have this neon pink one, too!

and, i wish this guy was available already! apparently this lime green accessory tray that would happen to work perfectly next to my white pen cup, tape dispenserinboxes and bits & bobs tray…

i know. i might be a tinge obsessed——but hell! i work from home! and i love (and have) to keep our studio organized lest we go completely insane! this place supplies me with so many reasonably priced design-y things to spruce up our workspace.

AAAAAAAND, you can get 15% off of your purchase with the code LAUNCH15! which is amazing. and i’m doing it.

i love them.

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