SON OF A SAILOR // iay de mi!

so, just a quick post so i can take a little break. today, we’ve undertaken an intense and thorough rearranging and reorganization of the studio. we are about to bring some folks on, so we gots to get this place unda control!

first thing: assemble super great long desk we got at ikea for cheap! i am real good at assembling ikea furniture…usually. the first thing that i do is miss a tiny little detail which causes us to literally ruin the entire tabletop in under 3 minutes. eff me.

second thing: go back to ikea, get a new tabletop.

third thing: redo the dang desk. on the bright side, billy is now cutting up the first tabletop to use for shelves in one of our closets—we’ve been wanting to turn it into a linen closet, so voila! waste not, want not!

fourth thru eleven hundredth thing: organize the living daylights out of this studio. closet, boxes of art supplies, desks—everything!

so now i am super tired, but determined to keep going. i just needed to give myself a little break!

and here’s a little photo from a quick “headshot” shoot our pal heidi did for us! thanks, lady!

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