SON OF A SAILOR // fiber friends: my own little memorial Jackson

before we started Son of a Sailor, and before we moved into our house here in Austin, i spent many years travelling around the US with my trusty sidekick, Jackson. i got jackson as a puppy, and this little guy was built on springs. oh, yeah, he was a jumper (and a humper, but we probably don’t need to go into that here!)

he was my best little guy for nine years, and made many travels with me, including the trip to and from san francisco. days after we returned to austin, he met his end and passed away.

i recently got what is, in my mind, the best little memorial of him that i could possibly imagine, made by a good friend of mine, Miranda Rommel.

there’s so much more after the jump…

I have to tell you that I am so overwhelmingly impressed with the likeness of Jackson. when I was talking to Miranda about getting a custom Fiber Friend, I thought it would be fun and cute, but I wasn’t expecting this little guy to really channel Jackson!  she worked from a few photos of him, and we decided on his pose. the coat is what i am most impressed with—-he was brindle, which means he was a stripedy mix of lots of colors. Miranda nailed it, and even got some of his distinctive markings! the little white stripe by his left eye, the swirl of white on his chest…

i’m not surprised, though, at her attention to detail in this fantastic interpretation in wool. she’s an amazing illustrator, as evidenced by the wedding gift that she gave william and I, which is now a prized possession: the custom portrait of us as Poseidon and a mermaid. effin’ awesome.


the process was very easy, too. i just sent her a few images of Jackson, and told her what kind of pose i wanted him in, and she just whipped him up! she was right when she said “i just need goodish pictures and can recreate just about any animal!” after taking 1st and 2nd place at The Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, OR, she is, after all, an award winning fiber artist!

so you would think that Fiber Friends and her illustration would keep her busy, but she’s all over the place. her blog, Pocket Pause, chronicles many of the other adventures that she partakes in. she recently moved from Austin to Oregon in search of a small farm that she and her husband Andy can call home. her blog is a myriad of “all my ‘farm mama’ exploits, including recipes, travel logs, reviews, tutorials and the follies of a small family.”

oh, and let’s not forget her other company (no, really!) Nude Soap! she hand crafts all-natural and all-amazing soaps, lotions, and balms, and they’re pretty incredible. I got each of my bridesmaids one of her lemongrass soaps as a part of their gift, and they were so aromatic that the whole room smelled beautiful while they waited to be handed out!

i’m going to go ahead and dub Miranda a renaissance woman. she creates some pretty amazing products with great care and tons of personality. she’s very protective of the environment, packaging everything with 100% recycled paper, and sources everything locally. she also puts her money where her mouth is, with a portion of her profits of Corgi related items to CorgiPals.

i’ll be excited to see all that this woman (and her husband!) will accomplish. her ultimate goal is to have a small farm where she can raise her own fiber-producing animals, as well as continue all of the amazing projects she already tackles!

as for me? i love my little fiber jackson. Miranda won me over big-time with her rendition of my old friend, and i really can’t convey how unexpectedly happy he makes me.

you’ve gotta go see what this lady can do—-and if you’ve got a pet, these fiber friends are amazing ways to memorialize them!

also, check out Miranda’s post about the necklace we sent her! love them initials…

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