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it’s summer, in full effect, here in austin. it began to rain this evening, and the water was steaming off of the asphalt. we’ve got it relatively mild this week, with temperatures hovering in the low to mid-90s, but it is hot, nonetheless! after picking up the most recent issue of martha stewart living magazine on the way to Brooklyn, i decided that i had to try some of the recipes for cold summer soups!

last night i made up a batch of the avocado, radish, and basil soup that was included—-umm, hello!?! the one with the avocado is totally first. it was freakin’ delish. i’m pretty sure that i’ll be making that soup obsessively until Billy forces me to stop. (then i’ll make it when he’s gone!)

so, tonight i decided to make the bell pepper, yogurt, and harissa soup, and let you guys know how it goes! the best part of the soups in the magazine, too, is that they each include only 4-5 ingredients. they’re super simple, super fresh, and so far, super awesome.

i got my three super bright yellow bell peppers, a small can of Harissa (a North African chilli paste that i’m excited to use again), some coarse salt and my yogurt together and ready to prep. notice my purdy little cutting board? mären, our studio assistant this spring, made it for us out of the bodark wood that we made the one-of-a-kind karve necklaces from!

first step? trim up the peppers. use the flesh, but not the seeds. pretty standard stuff.

we’re putting the peppers in our Ninja Master Prep (billy got this for me for christmas two years ago, and can i just say that it is the easiest to use, easiest to clean, and best blender/food processor/smoothie magic machine ever?) to blend—-we just barely had enough room, but we succeeded!

next step, add 2 cups of yogurt. martha calls for low-fat yogurt, but we opted for non-fat. i’m pretty sure the more fat, the more decadent and amazing the soup. so adjust accordingly in terms of your priorities! the non-fat came out a little soupy (hah!) but delicious nonetheless.


2 teaspoons of Harissa (next time, i’m using 3. texas, y’all!) and 1/2 teaspoon of salt in the mix for flava…

and blend! see? just enough room.

if you let the soup chill for the suggested hour, you end up with a lovely, cold, and refreshing soup! i garnished with fresh ground pepper, a sprig of basil, and a couple of flakes of salt (my new, totally ridiculous obsession) and we’re ready to go!

so which one next!? cucumber, yogurt, and horseradish? or cantaloupe, lime and chili

maybe i’ll start getting adventurous and make some of my own recipes…

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