SON OF A SAILOR // pretty damned lucky.

it’s father’s day, and as i sit here listening to the Whiskey Shivers, drinking a morning cup of coffee, i can’t help but think how damned lucky Billy and I are to have such amazing fathers. we’re two for two when there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a dad worth his salts.

when i think of my dad i think of his deep and sincere sense of empathy. i think of his boyish, playful, mischievousness and undying sense of and appreciation for humor. i think of the way that he can sit you down and move you with sophisticated eloquence and wisdom just as easily as he’ll share a belly laugh about some rude and inappropriate topic. i think of his determined struggle in his own life to seek balance and meaning, and how that has taught me to demand more from my own life. i think of how interesting it is to share wisdom and encouragement with him as i am now older, in the same way that he did for me my whole life. i think of how excited i am to see him as a grandfather, since i so enjoyed him as a father—although i am scared of how he’ll surely introduce my children to danger and risk as he did me.

i think of how he probably doesn’t know just how much he is still needed, even though i am 32 years old and married and doing just fine as a grown-up. but as surely as he has been an example and a role model of how do to things (and how not to do things) my entire life, i look to him to continue to be that person as he grows older. he still has a lot to figure out for me as he continues his journey in this strange, confusing and beautiful life.

father’s day doesn’t end when the kids move out of the house. fatherhood doesn’t end when your kids grow up. and so my undying appreciation for my wonderful father continues.

this year i also gained a father-in-law! as i get to know my new family, there are a few things i am sure of. billy is another of the lucky ones. he has a dad that is full of love, life, and wisdom. there was clearly never a lack of humor and fun in their family growing up, and sincerity and kindness are of high import. billy’s father emanates warmth and caring, and it’s evident in his sons that this has been the case their whole lives.

these two men are definitely worth their salt. thanks, dads.

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