SON OF A SAILOR // pictures on II

you might recall pictures on, the baby quilt that the girls and i made for our friend rachel’s little one (eloise, now 8 or so months and the cutest little thing you ever did see!) this reinvigoration of an old family tradition of mine was a pretty exciting endeavor into embroidery for all of us, and a crash course in quilting for christine and i!

well, we just completed our second blanket for our dear friend mary, who will be bringing what i am utterly convinced is a little girl into the world in about two months! the ladies really came through with some beautiful stitch work, and once again i avoided complete catastrophe in piecing them together into a quilt.

i’m really having fun trying different techniques, and am hoping to have the opportunity to make a quilt of my own! i’m pretty sure i should retire in order to have time to do all of the sewing projects that i’ve got on my list.

check out more photos of the embroidery work after the jump…

so, i regrettably forgot to take a photo of the back, but i used a beautiful chambray fabric in a reddish orange with a yellow sheen to it. it should get suuuuper soft, too, which will be awesome for the little one! but here are some closeups of all of the different embroidered squares, from left to right, top to bottom!

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