SON OF A SAILOR // EVENTS: brooklyn: a recap

so, we made it. off on a weekend adventure to brooklyn for the most recent renegade craft fair, christine (fail) and i ventured off to the city to see what could be made of it. from the start, we weren’t getting any relief from the heat—-which we were hoping for at the start of our austin, texas summer time. i took note of the fact that i ought not take air conditioning for granted, as all texas destinations have it!

but we ducked into a cute spot in williamsburg, lodge, for a beer and a blt. a blueberry ale and a pork slap did us just right before we wandered the neighborhoods a bit more.

i wish i had taken more photos—-we visited a few really cute spots. on Christine’s recommendation we ducked into Catbird just before it started pouring. pretty sure i could spend the entire day in the small, perfectly appointed shop, we eventually had to brave the rain to get some dinner. 

i shouldn’t complain about the heat too much, as we ended up having perfectly lovely, clear skies for the show. a bit of rain as a bookend was not a problem for me. i’ll deal with a bit of heat during the show to stay dry! the wind, though, was another story. pain in the ass, it was! poor christine lost a mirror in a particularly strong gale.

billy an di were very pleased to have finally put the finishing touches on our display. we’ve gone through a few iterations, but have arrived at a setup that we’ll let ride for a while! it will be nice not to have to redesign/rebuild/re-everything our table displays again for a few more shows! i think they turned out rather well!

we had a good number of Karve pieces out on display, and were lucky enough to catch the attention of Brooklyn Magazine. we are so proud that they chose our booth, specifically the Karve pieces to feature as one of the “Ten best things we saw at the Renegade Craft Fair" in their BK Style section!

with our displays rocking and some good attention, we feel like we made a good showing at the fair! it was great to see some other renegade regulars, as well as meeting some new friends!

i was super excited to score this beautiful Caldera bracelet from Teresa at Stone & Honey. yeah, it goes with my Eolian earrings. i think i might be done spoiling myself for a little while. (a little while!) plus, look how great it looks with our Bexar bracelet and my gold bangles from fail!

so, on our day off, we had a nice, relaxing day of digging through hundreds of boxes of jewelry findings! CJS Sales (Crafts, Jewelry, Supplies) specializes in vintage components, and is a veritable wonderland of jewelry findings for designers. I felt like Augustus Gloop in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory—-and coming away with over 30 pounds of components, i think it’s a pretty accurate description.

this place is truly incredible. Elyse, who owns the warehouse with her father, was fantastic about helping us to navigate through the narrow paths of box upon box of treasure. throwing suggestions our way every so often, and encouraging us to “move things around! dig!” Elyse was great.

at the end of it all, christine and i came away with some super special findings. i brought home a full collections worth of beads and metal that i think billy agrees will make a great line! stay tuned for that…

if you ever find yourself in midtown with a couple of hours on your hands, and nothing that you can’t get dirty on, do yourself a favor and hit up this place. (if you’re a jewelry designer, that is—-it’s wholesale, folks, so you have to have your tax id!) i am so thankful christine shared this treasure with me. not to mention how fun it was to spend a few hours digging around for treasure with her! after 17 years of friendship, it’s nice to play with your friend for a while!

after lots of hard work, lots of luggage hauling (that 30 pounds of jewelry didn’t carry itself home…) and lots of excitement, i was so happy to come home to my husband (that’s still so new!) and take wednesday off. we floated the river, y’all. i was hot all weekend and austin was 109° when we got back—you know we went straight to the cold waters of san marcos!

but we’re back in action, and have some great stuff brewing!

we’ll keep you up to date with all of it here!


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