TRAVEL // brooklyn bound...where should i go!?

we’re leaving for brooklyn in a week and a half to participate in the brooklyn renegade fair for the first time! well, i’m going, but not william (this time) i’m sort of testing out the waters, and we’ll both make the journey should this trip bode well for us.

i’m super excited to check out an amazing dead-stock jewelry finding warehouse with christine (of fail) and we’re going to take a trip to Mast Brothers Chocolate on 3rd Street, as well. I went to college with Mike, and have had a great time watching his business emerge from his apartment to a full-fledged chocolate factory in brooklyn.

but i would love to hear some recommendations of places to go while christine and i are on our little adventure! we’re not in town for a super long amount of time, but long enough to see some sites.

where else should we go?

and, if you’re local, come visit our booth, and let’s hope for awesome weather!

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