SON OF A SAILOR // the wedding!

i’ve mentioned many times over the last year that william & i are getting married. well, we got married! there was lots of planning, lots of DIY, and it was all very exciting! march 31 was the date that it all went down, and we wanted to share a few photos of the day.

first, though, we want to give a huge shout out to our photographer, Alisa Ferris. she was absolutely incredible. we were married at Casa Rio de Colores, which is a bit of an insane wonderland! it is full—-absolutely full—-of visual stimuli. just all sorts of stuff, all over the place! (hard to describe, go take a look!) Alisa captured the day beautifully and managed to single out small moments and settings in the chaos of it all! we’re sooooo happy with how the photos came out, and are appreciative of how much she kicked ass!

so here’s a peek at the day, after the jump. all of our friends came together to help make it so beautiful and personal for us. (we stacked the deck for “help” though, by having an enormous wedding party!!!)

thanks to everyone who worked their tushies off to create a gorgeous event!









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