SON OF A SAILOR // put this on your calendar | Pies & Pigs on June 14th

what we have here is a combination of two things: a benefit for an awesome lady and an event that you wouldn’t want to miss even if it wasn’t for an amazing cause!

natalie davis over at tool & tack describes her friend the best, saying “Colleen Sommers is a friend, artist, baker, and all-around amazing person. She is the brains and heart behind Pie Fixes Everything and a staple at the HOPE farmer’s market, our home away from home.” Recently, Colleen was diagnosed with breast cancer. Like many of artisans and craftspersons, she doesn’t have insurance and now faces a slew of medical bills. Along with some of my favorite artists, musicians, and friends, we’re throwing a big bash to raise funds for Colleen over at Springdale Farm.

I don’t know if you noticed, right at the top there, the two bands that are playing…Greyhounds and Whiskey Shivers. Our great friends Andrew and Anthony will knock your socks off with their funky bluesy soulful Greyhounds rock, and Whiskey Shivers, who played at our wedding in March, will fiddle, stomp and sing their way into your hearts and then make it dance!

As if that weren’t enough, there will be a pig cook-off between Salt + Time and Three Little Pigs. I’m not even going to try to bet on that one. Everyone wins when two epic food artisans try to best one another. And there will be pies. Oh, yes, there will be pies. In fact, there’s almost nothing that this event won’t have! Go check out the ridiculously tantalizing list of contributors bringing food, drink, dessert—then tell me you don’t want to be here!

In addition, soooooo many amazing friends of Colleen are contributing items to what is sure to be an epic silent auction. Billy designed the event poster above, and there will definitely be some Son of a Sailor jewelry there, so come ready to bid! The list of other contributors reads like a Who’s Who of local maker celebrities, so there will be some amazing treasures to be had.

The summation is this: even if you have no idea who Colleen Sommers is, this event is going to rock the house. (well, the farm) It’s going to be a blast, and a bargain for just $25.  But you should know Colleen. She’s great! And if you did know her, you wouldn’t think twice about buying a ticket. You would want to give more than that. And you would want to band around her on Thursday, June 14, with a crowd of her friends, and let her know that you are part of a community that supports her.

So any way you cut it, this should be on your calendar. Get your ticket here, and RSVP on facebook here.  Hopefully, we’ll see you there!

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