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so yesterday was our recovery day from a whirlwind weekend at the Renegade Craft Fair here in Austin! we had an absolute blast sharing a booth with Sara, the studio assistant at fail. [Christine was busy kicking butt at WEST, which was apparently a super fun event that brought a bunch of folks to the shop!]

we’ve tweaked our displays a bit since last year, and we were super happy with how they came out. we’re loving the way the brass pops against the darker wood. and, billy let me hit a few things with my neon pink obsession, as well! our DIY tablecloth came out pretty well, i think!

we also successfully launched the first ten pieces from our Karve edition, and are working on creating the remaining pieces as we speak! stay tuned, we’ll be adding a few of them to our Etsy shop any minute now…

one of our all-time favorite parts of participating in Renegade is getting to see (and buy!) other folks’ items. it’s so inspiring to meet other creative folks that are in the same business of making, and getting to know the people that frequent the shows! it’s such a great community. plus, we made it home with some super great goodies!


little minnow is the booth that we were directly across from. i didn’t mind staring at them for a great deal of the weekend, as i’ve had a pretty decent design crush on them for quite a while! billy was all over their tank tops (summer. texas.) and i snagged a tee and a tea (towel)!  if our walls weren’t already stocked to the brim with artwork, we’d have picked up a print or two, as well!

we made friends with Cassie from The Mossy Fox, who is pretty much the cutest ever! i’m loving her color combos and had to snag a necklace and bracelet before the end of the fair. she’s from Houston, but much to the dismay of us Texans, we’re losing her to Arizona next week! either way you cut it, her shop and blog are adorable.


so, have you seen lisa chow’s illustration? her dollhouse and city love illustrations are absolutely delightful—-full of wonder and wit and available in sets of 10 postcards. done! go get some! oh, and look for paintings coming from lisa soon—-we’re so excited to see them!

so, i’ve got this on now. it’s a tiny little gold-fill anchor from Diament Designs. Libby is absolutely awesome—she and her man Jared were two of my favorite new friends made at Renegade! she has an amazing assortment of jewelry, you have to go check it out! (i wish there was a Jessica bracelet…the name pieces she has are adorable!)

MAKEatx had their booth rocking full of amazing laser-cut wares. I absolutely love their cards and earrings, and this invitation to an upcoming event is pretty much the best invitation i’ve seen… a double-sided-laser-cut-sleeve with a unicorn on one side and colored paper in the middle. instant love. this is going on the wall—-I can’t wait to hang out with these folks again soon!


lastly, i’m so excited to have picked up this beautiful embroidered matriyoshka necklace from Poppy and Fern. We met Rachel and her husband at a meet the maker event over at Parts & Labour—-they are a pretty amazing couple! you know when you meet someone and instantly want to hang out more with them? yeah. like that.

speaking of those sorts of folks, we finally got to meet Kirsten from Triple Max Tons. we discovered her blog after she wrote about us last November, and we instantly loved her style! now, fairly addicted to her blog, we got to meet her in person! she’s just as addicting! we also got to hang out with Danni and her husband Nick of Oh, Hello Friend. we met at the Renegade SF Holiday fair, but we just got the chance to hang out after the fair this time in Austin. they are a super awesome couple from LA, and i love her style.  i love meeting great folks, and i look forward to familiar faces at upcoming fairs!

hopefully we’ll see y’all soon—-we’ll be in Brooklyn June 23+24 and San Francisco July 21+22. keep your fingers crossed for Chicago, and we’ll let you know about London…wouldn’t that be fun!?

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