GIFT GUIDE // Mother's Day

hey guys! don’t forget that mother’s day is this upcoming sunday! william + i are trying to send something in time this year, although it’s surprising how bad we are at it!

in honor of my mother, i’ve curated a collection of goods inspired by her! here they are:

  1. the stewardess bag | Coach’s Heritage Collection, $298 - my mother, since i can remember, has carried a classic Coach bag. it’s inspired me to accumulate a little collection of their simple and well-crafted pieces. mine, however, are all from thrifting finds!

  2. deco earring | fail, $52 - my dad and i stocked my mom up with fail’s last collection, which she loved! i have good reason to believe she’ll like pieces from christine’s latest collection…

  3. hand woven ikat silk scarf | Sukan, $69.95 - a huge fan of scarves, my mom can really rock a beautiful silk scarf like this with almost any outfit.

  4. small luggage notebook | poppin, $5 - i’ve watched my mother journal religiously my whole life. i’m not good at it (blogging doesn’t count; i’m pretty sure she’s writing about things a bit more important than pretty colors!), and have always wished that i inherited that gene!

  5. overdyed terai chair | anthropologie, $198 - so, my mother would never pay $198 for a single chair—it’s just not her style—i do think she would like this chair in beautiful patterns and jewel tones!

  6. tobacco, vanilla & sandalwood candle | paulova, $16.50 - not only does this candle have a delicious combination of scents, but when you’re done burning it, you’re left with a beautiful handmade ceramic vessel. mom’s into that sort of thing.

  7. chanel no. 5 | paper fashion, $25 - alright, this listing is not for the actual perfume, although it should be to represent my mom’s ideal gift list. so i will allow this gorgeous watercolor print of my mother’s all-time favorite scent represent all things chanel no. 5.

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