SON OF A SAILOR // a change of pace: planned parenthood's new tumblr!

Link: a change of pace: planned parenthood's new tumblr!

here in texas, we’ve been watching as the funding for planned parenthood and other imperative women’s services, often primarily benefitting uninsured and low and middle class women, has been under attack . planned parenthood is an invaluable resource for a huge portion of the population, offering health care and services to those women in lower income brackets and/or without insurance.

without getting too preachy or political, i just wanted to take a minute to encourage folks to show a little support to an invaluable organization. especially for those of us who are self-employed, embarking on our own creative endeavors, and sacrificing steady incomes and full benefits, PP is a resource that ought not be taken for granted. we just made a small donation yesterday, and i’d encourage you to do the same. even if it’s only a bit of money, it will make a difference.

also, go check out their new tumblr! it’s actually a really interesting and educational site that’s done in a hip and entertaining tone! seriously. like, check out this infographic on the menstrual cycle:

awesome. if you’re into it, take a sec and show some support. even if it’s just following their rad new tumblr!

alright, i’m getting off of my soapbox now. it’ll only happen occasionally! promise!

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