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alright. prepare yourself for a bit of (awesome) silliness. last weekend notes the first annual Steaksgiving. to my knowledge, this holiday was invented at our wedding by two friends, Josh Cohen of San Francisco and Casey Scott of Austin. April 28 marked the day that people in both cities celebrated this new holiday.

the idea behind Steaksgiving is simple. in Austin, it marks the first pool party of the season, and guests are invited to bring two things: a steak and a gift for a white elephant gift exchange. the gift must either be cash or made of leather. pretty simple!

william and i reeeeealllly got into this idea. we spent the morning hand-tooling leather gifts that were sort of hard to give up! and now we present you with our wares: a Steaksgiving 2012 adult bib and koozie.




i’m pretty sure we’re going to have to make a bunch more koozies. (anyone outside of texas might not value the beverage holding wonder of a koozie, but the’re pretty much necessary round these parts!)

anyhow, happy Steaksgiving to all!

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