SON OF A SAILOR // the tops!

one of our favorite things about making jewelry is trading with other makers! it’s not to say that we get bored of our own things, but when we get to swap the stuff we see every day for shiny new things, it’s the tops! well, these are the tops… that we traded for last week!

Collin Garrity is the man behind Pale Blue Atlas Club. Crafting beautiful pieces from reclaimed natural and exotic woods, he sells tops and decorative pieces that show off the beautiful grain and color of the wood.

we personally loved the sets of tops that come with a stand (we put the tops spinner up to show off the shapes, but they fit perfectly spinners down in the small stand!)

we love the craftsmanship, and have been spinning away since we got them! go check out his shop, and take a gander at his thoughtful and interesting blog, as well.

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