SON OF A SAILOR // some teaser shots...

parts & labour asked us to style their display windows for SXSW (so many things to be excited about here…) and we got them done this morning! here are a few teaser shots, but i’ll make sure to take fancy photos tomorrow!

let’s just put it this way…i finally had a legitimate reason to buy florescent flagger tape and duct tape. i’ve been searching for a good reason forever, and now my neon dreams have come true!

so, tomorrow we’ll be doing the third window, for the shark attach portion of the store (the print side), too! they liked the first two windows enough to call us to come back and do the third…we’re not complaining one bit!

oh, and we made new displays, too, but my iphone didn’t do them one bit of justice. i’m bringing the big guns tomorrow to get some good shots.

we’ve been busy little bees!

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