SON OF A SAILOR // diy crazy!

if you’re a fan of DIY, getting married is like hitting the jackpot. only it becomes instantly overwhelming! i feel like i need an army of people super into DIY as well, so we can pretty much make everything that has to do with anything at the wedding!

we already decided that we’re having a whole area devoted to lawn games. the croquet set, whiffle ball set & badminton set are purchased!!! and we’re borrowing bocce (moncktons!) and cornhole (casey & greg!).

then the DIY begins. instead of spending $20 on a set of horseshoes (i mean, really—-it’s four horseshoes and two metal poles to drive into the ground. let’s get real here, people!) we decided to make our own. oh, and billy wants to paint the croquet set in fun colors (neon, anyone?) oh, and we’re going to go ahead and make a washers game, too. this is all in addition to everything else we’re making for the event!

and then this happened.

damn you, design*sponge! you are constantly giving me your amazing ideas and inspiring me to make more and more! now i have to do this: a hand-painted game of Twister! i love this!

ugh! seafoam dots? kill me! i think i’m just going to have to schedule a day where i recruit as many of my friends as possible to come over and help me accomplish these DIY dreams. i love it. and i’m dying.

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