SON OF A SAILOR // to do lists...

so we’ve been a little busy round these parts! we’ve shipped off a big order to Shop Jeen, who is blowing up right now! (go girl!) we’ve also been picked up by Need Supply Co. (super excited) and a couple of other shops around the bend!

in other big news, we’ve now got a studio assistant, maren. we’re super excited to have someone (amazing) helping us to keep up, and potentially even get ahead some time soon. i mean, we’ve got a new collection that we’ve gotta be launching soon one way or another! stay tuned for more about that…

oh, and have i mentioned that billy and i are getting hitched? in five weeks and two days, we’re going to tie the knot! so, yeah. we’ve got our hands full.

in the meantime, here’s a sneek peek at the crazy/beautiful place we’re getting married, casa rio de colores. (and have a spot of fun over at their website…it’s pretty intense, ridiculous, and amazing!)

so, i guess i should probably be stressing out more…we’ve gotta get our taxes done, create and prepare our new collection, and finish planning the wedding, all before we get to our actual to-do list! hmm.

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