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my amazing friend phoebe recently tipped me off to this tumblr blog. and i am thankful for it!

as a writer for apartment therapy for over three years now, a former employee of room & board, and an overall enthusiast of all things decor, i also appreciate how ridiculous it can all be at times. i mean, i place great importance on the harmonious nature of my surroundings, but some of this stuff gets ridiculous! i partake in much of that ridiculousness, and i am not ashamed! so it’s nice to sit back and laugh at it all from time to time.

this website does just that. the whole concept is choosing an image of a home design trend and calling it out with a brash and to the point caption. case in point:

caption: “Fuck your ornamental antique typewriter.”

"Fuck your wall-mounted guitar."

"Fuck your knit pouf."

the photos are eye candy for design. the captions are hysterical. go check out fuck your noguchi coffee table…it’s pretty great.

oh, and pardon my potty mouth!

(thanks phoebe!)

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