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2012 Daily Planner Calendar in Peach, from Julia Kostreva

I can’t stop looking at all of the notebooks and calendars Julia Kostreva designs and daydreaming about buying them all! The pages inside of these planners are laid out just right, too. Minimal, simple, and gorgeous!

Planetary Chocolates, from L’eclat (via Craft)

Chocolates designed like planets! Made by the Chocolatier L’├ęclat of the Righa Royal Hotel in Japan, I don’t really feel like I need to say any more! They’re chocolates that look like planets!

Vintage Silver Sequin Party Dress, from Roamkix Vintage

Roamkix, one of my new favorite tumblr blogs, also has a vintage shop chock full of covetable goods! And their lookbook? Ugh. I want to be in it!

Ruler, from Poppin (I love the clear one!)

I am pretty sure I keep talking about how this is my favorite new place to go to totally geek out! Everything there is so simple and totally brilliant. Have some items heading my way, and can’t wait to place an order for more!

The Helsinki, from ISWAS+WILLBE

I just got one of their necklaces for xmas, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting another. And another. And another. More on the one I already have soon…

Metallic Masking Tapes, from Present&Correct

I want all of the tape. The bright, colorful, patterned, graphic——all of it! These metallic masking tapes, too. Please?

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