HOME // DECOR black walls. i want em. i need em.

i have been dying to paint at least one wall black for a long time now. door sixteen, the blog of anna dorfman that continually makes me drool, showcases the black walls that adorn her dining room and, now, her living room.

william isn’t quite as gung-ho about the idea. i’m working on him, though. i really want to paint the wall behind my little midcentury desk in the “library” (really named that because it is where the books are—-not a true library!) we’re getting rid of the oak cabinet thingy and i’ll put in some sort of shelves where that is.

so, paint the rest of the room bright white, that wall black, and sit in my modern little design-y room! i’m pretty sure that if i get the black walled room, william has to get his log cabin room. luckily, i’m into it!

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