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we put up our tree!

since william and i have been pretty transient for the last few years, neither one of us came to the table with any ornaments or decorations to speak of. one day, moved by the spirit of christmas, i picked up an inexpensive artificial tree at a local bargain store.

  1. we’re on a budget. starting your own business is blah blah blah…we’re going cheap here, folks!

  2. we opted for an artificial tree this year since we’ll be traveling for most of the season. that, and william has pretty rowdy allergies! so, fakey, here we come!
that whole spirit moving me thing really blew up in my face. the tree was awful! it was only a small step above the charlie brown christmas tree, and my mom and i had to brave the black friday crowds and take a kamikaze run to target. (boo hoo!) a couple of extra dollars, a $4 wreath, and two bags of pine cones later we had our christmas decor!

we took some neon paint to the wreath and pine cones in little daubs, inspired by the holiday edition of Anthology (although my wreath doesn’t look nearly as good. whatever, $4.) we made some ornaments, and added some neon paint to some cute log cabin and western themed ornaments that william picked up at hobby lobby. and i asked my mom and dad to bring four ornaments from home—-one for the each of us!

and so, we have our modest, but fun, tree that is a step above the charlie brown christmas tree! oh, and i was so glad to have some extra striped fabric from ikea for a makeshift tree skirt. yay!

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