SON OF A SAILOR // san francisco part ii

it was a whirlwind trip, and we were exhausted at the end of it all. william and i still had jewelry to finish and final touches to attend to up until the eleventh hour, but we managed to pull it together. we even made a new sign for our renegade booth!


the fair was pretty out of control—in a good way. the steady flow of so many people kept us on our toes the whole time, and was truly invigorating! it’s exciting and inspiring to chat with folks in person about our work. that is, when we got a chance to chat! check out the photos on warholian’s flickr stream of the fair—really good, but i feel like the place was even more insane than the photos capture.


the fair went great, we were really pleased to be in front of so many folks, and we’re honored to be gifts for hundreds of folks this christmas! william even got all spiffed up for the event. we ventured over to FSC Barber (or as our friend Evan calls it, the Handsome Man Factory) this place is amazing. chelsey and i sat and watched all manner of dudes stroll in off the street and leave looking like proper gentlemen with a high & tight and clean shave. it was mezmerizing.


the barber shop itself was bustling, and there were many a straight razor shave going down. then we ventured to the back. in the back is a shop that sells what i can only describe as sartorial porn. all manner of dashing clothing items were all over, and i wanted billy to be wearing all of them.


we finished the whole shebang off with a trip to St. Francis diner on the way to the airport. after a fine plate of Chef’s Mess and countless cups of coffee we were off. but not without our vintage Performing Cats Sticker trading cards from their candy store collection…oh, yeah.



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