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i had all of about 20 minutes over the course of the entire Renegade Holiday Fair in San Francisco this past weekend to go check out the other booths. i am pretty sure that i spent 10 minutes at ISWAS+WILLBE and the other 10 minutes at Pretty Little Thieves! and i super duper nerded out at both of them.

i mean, if you haven’t drooled over ISWAS+WILLBE’s jewelry, and their photographs of their jewelry, then you’ve either got no pulse or you just haven’t seen them yet.


i want their jewelry. and in their booth, they had framed displays that look just like their photographs—-i want those, too! the helsinki in bright coral (first image) is definitely my favorite, but i really just want to buy everything they make!

nancy, the artist behind Pretty Little Thieves, came over to our booth and bought a bracelet—-so i sought out her booth (before knowing what her stuff looked like) to check her out. ugh. instant love. she paints and illustrates these amazing, colorful and full of attitude ladies. i love them. i now have one, a tiny painting called “who she was” and i love her.

look at her other beautiful works:

so yeah. i nerded out at renegade. so what!?

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