SON OF A SAILOR // i miss this place!

so after literally staying up all night getting christmas orders together before our 8am flight on wednesday, we were a bit pooped. but we rallied, anyhow, and met up with a pretty good sized group of our sf friends. it’s pretty amazing how many austin folks are here!

we’ve been traipsing around the city in glee—-it’s sixty degrees and sunny here, and i remember why i accumulated so many cardigans while i was here! we’ve had amazing coffee all around the city already. four barrel is one of my favorites, and the interior of the place is awesome!


next door is voyager. so, backing up, we first went to revolver, an amazing shop right near where we’re crashing in the lower haight. we were instantly attracted by the window display, and got sucked into this adorable shop. they have some pretty legit men’s attire, and all sorts of great accessories. i also adore their display cards, with anatomical illustrations on them…


so we started chatting with valerie there, and had one of those experiences when you realize that you have a lot of people in common! turns out revolver teamed up with curry from spartan in austin (who shares a shop with my friend lauren, bows + arrows) to create voyager on valencia, next door to four barrel! not only that, but andrew, who owns needles + pens and is dating one of my best friends chelsey, is also joining forces with them to set up in the submarine—-the area in the back of voyager. phew! basically, everyone knows everyone.

anyhow, voyager is awesome—-just like revolver and spartan. i’ll be excited to see what andrew does in that back room.


anyhow, more to come, but i have to go get my scrap on! seriously, if you live in the bay area and haven’t been to scrap, go! it’s amazing.

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