we’ve got one more day at the market for East Austin Studio Tour! it’s been really great, although i have to say that i lament not being able to bike around and see the other artists.

however, we’re having fun setting up our booth and interacting with folks! it’s a little more interactive than sitting at home in our studio making jewelry! that’s great, too—but i’m enjoying the balance!

next week should be a busy one…i can’t believe thanksgiving is here already! are you kidding? we’re excited to host our first thanksgiving dinner here at our house—my folks will be in town and helping us celebrate. we’ll also be preparing for the Renegade Holiday fair, which means we have to make a boatload more jewelry! i’m pretty excited about it, but to be fair, i’m also a little nervous.

alright. off to pour my first cup of coffee and get ready to go! been lounging around too much this morning already. (does anyone else shop Urban Outfitter’s online sale items as much as i do? scored some seriously cute skirts there this morning…heLLO skirts and tights! you make me so happy!)


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