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i’ve always been a huge nerd about office supplies. they make me happy! every year when we went back to school shopping, i was always more excited about the supplies than the clothes. as an adult i’ve enjoyed the quest for the perfect pen. william and i geek out about this together—-i’ve found my other half in a bearded man with a penchant for writing instruments!

perhaps this is all why i’ve decided to photograph some of my favorite supplies

  1. tiny post-its of the 1 1/2” x 2” variety

  2. numbered map tacks

  3. pilot precise retractable pens: the v5 (extra fine, best) and the v7 (fine, pretty good)

  4. staedtler mars plastic erasers

  5. tiny binder clips of the 1/4” cap variety

  6. thin notebooks. these ones were from target and have been discontinued by them. not sure what brand they are. if you know, please comment! i’m devastated that they’ve been taken over by the moleskine variety at my local source. (nothing against moleskine, they’re just much cheaper than the ones pictured.)
what are your favorites?

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