FASHION // checking out some t-shirts...

so we heard all the hype about this everlane website, that touts “designer quality goods, all under $100.” in their first collection are t-shirts inspired by the $50 ones in boutiques. high quality, but with a lower price tag: $15. i’m interested…i’ve sort of been on the hunt for the perfect t-shirt that won’t break the bank for a while. i have a few american apparel, which have lasted me a while, but frankly i’m a little fed up with their whole child-porn-esque ad campaigns. the only other options i’ve found, really, are some from urban outfitters (which are just meh, for me anyhow) and target (which never really hold up past 2-3 washings.)

so we ordered some! one for william, and one for myself.


i’m super excited that william chose the coral color! i think it will look great on him, and if it doesn’t, then maybe i get it!

i hope these are worth it. although, at $15, with just $4.95 for shipping (right on) i feel like they will be! i’ll report back—the whole concept behind this thing is very attractive to me. i look forward to their next collections! ties + bows are coming later this month, and then gifts + more will be next month. can’t wait to see what those are!

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