SON OF A SAILOR // tool & tack: you gotta check this out!

christine, my best girlfriend of 16+ years now, owner of schatzelein boutique here in austin, and creator of fail jewelry has teamed up with natalie, creator of miss natalie design and canoe. they’ve combined their impressive creative brains to create fail+canoe, a line of metal and brass men’s and women’s jewelry that is gorgeous!


not only did they collaborate on this new line, but they’re hosting a popup shop this saturday at gray duck gallery on south first, from 6-9pm. it’s sure to be amazing, as they’re partnering with Wood & Faulk “well made goods curated for the craftsman” and Forage bow ties, the dapper gentleman’s choice for neckwear! what it boils down to is a sexy collection of wares for men (and women, too!)


it’s going to be a fun-filled weekend, as there’s also a meet the maker event at schatzelein this evening! come! see handsome and pretty things, and meet handsome and pretty people! i’ll be there, for sure!

Meet the Makers
Friday, October 14th, 2011
from 4-6pm at Schatzelein
1713 S. 1st
Austin, TX

Pop-Up Shop 
Saturday, October 15th, 2011
from 4-9pm at Gray Duck Gallery
608 W. Monroe St. (off S. 1st)
Austin, TX

see you there!

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