TRAVEL // i wanna go camping!

maybe it’s the cold weather upon us (low of 45 degrees tonight!) and maybe it’s a little wanderlust, but i want to go camping!

i never went camping as a kid (my parents + camping = oh, hell no.) and i’ve only been a couple of times as an adult. the first time, with my friends dan and christine, someone remembered the beer, but the other person forgot the tent. i’m not naming names, but christine forgot the tent. oops. one of the very few other times i went camping, we ended up with the largest piece of beef jerky i’ve ever seen. seriously. i could have used it as a sun shield for my car window.

anyhow, in honor of my desire to go camping (and the likelihood that it won’t happen in the next month and a half because of the holiday rush) i’ve put together a dream list of accoutrement! and it looks a little something like this!

  1. Swiss Army Vintage Radio via Cool Material

  2. Vintage Folding Camp Stool via Pine and Main

  3. Vintage Imco Petrol Trench Lighter via Schatzelein

  4. no. 8 Wood Burned Opinel Knive via Canoe

  5. Kissing Stags Sleeping Bag via Anorak

  6. The County Ear Flap Hat via Worthy Goods 

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