FASHION // HERS: golden ponies

you know when you come across an etsy seller that makes you want to spend the last remaining dollars in your account—no matter how badly you need to pay the gas bill or buy groceries? yeah. golden ponies is that for me. based out of guadalajara, mexico, Erandi GutiĆ©rrez handcrafts leather bags and shoes. look.

seriously? yeah. i love these. and check out her prices! everything is from $30-117….everything! very affordable for handmade, gorgeous items. exhibit B:

her website is fab, also. i enjoyed the “inspiration” section where she has images of shoes that she loves. inspired by the 60s, and classic jazz and ballet shoes, Erandi is busy creating sweet, simple, yet colorful and modern shoes that i’m dying over.

honestly. i could order one of each pair. but then….no groceries or gas bill!

ok…one more:

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