SON OF A SAILOR // bleach online "wild mint" issue

bleach online has just launched their newest issue, “wild mint,” and we’re loving the art and fashion that it’s jam-packed with! the quarterly magazine is known for putting together amazingly styled and shot fashion spreads, from contributors around the world.

from the photo spread “Victorian Ghost

we attended the launch party wednesday night, and got a preview of the photos within the issue. trust me, you’ll want to check this issue out!

from the feature “Art Beyond the End of Art

founder and executive editor Jacqueline Fernandez has a clear and striking vision for bleach, which art director and associate editor Daniel Perlacky helps bring to the virtual page. taking a digital multimedia approach but with a direct influence of traditional print material, the magazine is gorgeous. an interesting concept: it’s also got great content! Tiffany Diane Tso helps the former staffers and many other contributors in creating a great deal of interesting reading in the form of interviews and articles.

hello, original content!

from the photo spread “From Texas With Love

so bookmark this issue, and stay tuned: i hear they’re putting out a men’s issue in november! yes, please!

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