SON OF A SAILOR // the perils of working from home!

so, the reunion officially ended, and we are ready to get back on track with Son of a Sailor. a bit of a road hump? we had a water line break at the house and a gas leak. now, i know what you’re thinking, but we did not party our house down! these were purely circumstantial in their timing.

so, that means our studio is a bit torn apart at the moment! that is where the gas leak was coming from (kinda scary) and we’ve had to move furniture around quite a bit to get to the source. we’re trying to get back on schedule for production, but this put us at least a half-day behind our already delayed schedule.

hole in the wall!

the good news is that the gas line is fixed, and so is the water line (thanks to william’s handyman capabilities, and our good friend paul). that means i can take a shower and do the dishes and laundry (which have been piling up!). the bad news is that we can’t get our gas turned back on for a couple of days—which means we can’t cook. and we have to put our studio back together!

we’re just happy to be alright (gas is scary!) and have our house mostly back in order.

now…on to jewelry making!

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