CURATE // new artwork from abby!

i finally framed and hung my new photographs from abby try again! i’ve been ravingabout her photography since i first laid eyes on it, and i wasn’t lying when i said i bought four of her images! i’m so pleased with them, and think i found the perfect place for them…although i love to move my artwork around, so there’s no telling where they’ll end up!

apparently the guest room is now the photography room. i have two pieces hung from when i was working as the gallery director at the now defunct oswald gallery, and they’re framed in what used to be my standard go-to…black wooden frame. i love the photos (the first is a piece by roman loranc, and the second by robert taylor) but they’ve seemed a little lackluster as b&w photos on a grey wall. i love the gallery aesthetic of the whole thing, but i’ve been really into color photography and white frames lately!

but now, with the addition of the four small color photos by abby, the wall comes alive again! i’m so pleased with the pop of color they give, and how they really work in with the funky little side table i thrifted and painted while i was in san francisco! it’s fun to watch the house slowly come together. it may seem finished to a degree, but fine tuning things like this make me so happy!

now, on to my search for new, exciting bedding for the guest room!

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