SON OF A SAILOR // it's labor day!

on a day that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers, we have to take pause and be thankful that our work now involves creating art and jewelry, and not hard, physical labor, like many folks.

i, personally, am so thankful that william is no longer working out in west texas in the oil fields. regardless of your political leanings regarding oil and fossil fuel, the men and women (although typically men) that work out there have a difficult and dangerous job. last november, william’s collarbone was crushed by a huge steel pipe. after surgery that fastened a large steel plate to his bones with 10 screws, i had a pretty clear idea that i wasn’t keen on him returning to the oil fields.

he was lucky the pipe didn’t smash 6 inches higher and crush his head. and we are both lucky that we’ve found a way to create a job out of doing something we love. i mean, i stabbed myself with a sewing needle the other day, and pinched myself with pliers, but this job is decidedly less dangerous!

so on labor day, i think folks ought to take a moment and appreciate those that do have the hard jobs. the really hard jobs. and if that’s you, then “thank you!” i am going to give thanks for the job that we have.

i am also going to go make more bracelets! and in the spirit of “laboring,” here is one of my favorite DIYs from Honestly…WTF.

if you haven’t totally scoured the DIY section of this impressively hip site yet, then you’re missing out on some majorly fashionable instructables. this is one of my favorites, especially since we’ve been on such an “adult friendship bracelet” kick lately!

it’s pretty motivating to harness your inner crafter! so let the labor you choose to do today be fun, creative, lazy, and enriching.

we’ll see you later!

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