SON OF A SAILOR // the heat is on in austin

yesterday evening, we went and had a lone star at one of our favorite local haunts, and it actually threatened to rain! seeing as how austin is 16-20 inches below what it should be for the year, those tiny little droplets were so exciting. then it stopped. but it was enough to cool it down a bit! and for that we were so thankful!

after moving everyone outside because it was “soooo beautiful out” we mused at the fact that it was probably in the eighties! what luxury at 9:30 at night after weeks of 100 degree weather—at that hour! then we looked at the temperature. 91.

i guess it’s just a matter of perspective. but i thought it was pretty funny how excited we were to have a cool night—at the chilly temp of 91.

so, making jewelry for the rest of the week, indoors, watching a little bit of Melrose Place (don’t judge, go watch the first couple of episodes on netflix and tell me you’re not hooked!) doesn’t sound so bad. not when the alternative is sitting in the dead, dry grass in 107 degrees.

well, jewelry and barton springs…

Photo by my friend Rich, when he visited Austin from San Francisco!

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