FASHION // some blogs are like your most stylish friends

when you read some blogs, you really feel like you’re shopping with your fabulous friend who has impeccable taste. we have a few key examples of this in real life—-they’re infinitely valuable when you’re decorating your home, shopping for the perfect outfit or planning a party! but on the internet, we have a group of these friends as well! blogs you can visit when you need that little dose of style inspiration!  Me Machine has just become one of our stylish internet friends!

we were taken immediately with their masthead, and then we read on to discover boundless good taste and items that we covet. we’re definitely bookmarking this site for many future doses of happiness!

just look at what katherine is posting about!


invitations from aya ikegaya

pinup before & afters from gil elvgren


we want to send a shout to Me Machine, as well, for posting about our bracelets today! thank you for the love, and we’re glad we could help you to grow a bit fonder of bracelets!

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